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Getting Back to a Healthy Home

Consumer Tips for Post-Disaster Home Restoration

This publication helps homeowners identify hazards, work with contractors to remove the hazards, help ensure the work is done properly, and learn when they can return safely to the home. The publication discusses seven potential hazards that may impact your health. This publication is designed to be used only after the proper authorities have said it is safe to return to your home.


How Would Lower Limits for Manganese Affect Welding?

To evaluate the impact of the proposed changes regarding manganese (Mn) fume in workers’ personal breathing zone (PBZ) by the American Council of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), the National Shipbuilding Research Program authorized a project to measure the amounts of Mn fume in the PBZ, using the proposed rules as a guide. Testing was conducted during various welding and industrial operations. Test sites included two commercial shipyards, one naval shipyard, and one fabricating facility. A total of 96 samples were collected and analyzed in accordance with U.S. standards. This article relates the results of those tests.


Viable Bioaerosol Testing in a Hospital Environment

Following sustained and heavy rainfalls during Hurricane Sandy, many facilities experienced extensive water leaks resulting in badly soaked building materials. This article summarizes the inspection and testing conducted in several areas of a Virginia hospital affected by water leaks following that storm.